2017-02-16/17 Characteristics of a Nation-to-Nation Relationship – Nation Building and Nation Re-Building

This event was held on February 16-17, 2017. Click on these links for event resources: session summary, discussion paper, session videos, interviews.


“Characteristics of a Nation-to-Nation Relationship,” is a five-part dialogue series to be held across Canada seeking bring together experts to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, focusing on four themes central to the relationship: Nation Building and Nation Re-Building; Jurisdiction; New Intergovernmental Fiscal Relationships; and Wealth Creation. The series will culminate in a national event that will aim to address the outcomes of the discussions that emerged, including identified themes linkages, challenges, potential results, and timelines. The dialogues and event will feature invited speakers with vested interests in Nation-to-Nation relationships. The purpose of these sessions will be to stimulate the discussion through providing a neutral environment where stakeholders can openly communicate the precursors for change.


Nation Building and Nation Re-Building – Ottawa, Ontario

Governance within the Crown and Indigenous communities will need to come together to shape, evolve, build and grow in respectful partnership. Indigenous nations will need to be defined and legitimized by communities so that they can engage with government and institutions. Nations may also form an aggregate, or collective consciousness, whereby services, programs and fiscal arrangements can be delivered to the individual jurisdictions transparently and effectively. Most importantly, this will involve a change in approach that breaks down the existing foundations and rebuilds a new framework with ongoing mechanisms for relationship and institutional development.

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Series Partner: Canadians for a New Partnership




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