Emerging Leaders

Supporting and partnering with newly emerging leaders, particularly emerging Indigenous leaders, remains a key priority of the organization so that understanding, reconciliation, and partnerships can continue to grow into the future.

CFNP seeks to integrate emerging Indigenous leaders into the decision making fabric of the organization. Across the country there are both Indigenous and non-Indigenous emerging leaders working to address issues that affect the relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples. CFNP hopes to benefit and learn from the expertise, experience, and insight offered by emerging leaders so that it can direct its collective energy to address issues and support initiatives that will affect this and future generations.

CFNP aspires to assist today’s emerging Indigenous leaders in preparing them to lead the generations of tomorrow. Through recruiting and nominating emerging leaders to the Board, CFNP Board members are committed to creating a supportive mentorship environment that will challenge and assist emerging leaders to further develop their skills and experience.

Among its members, CFNP holds a breadth of experience in government, policy, entrepreneurship, law and many others areas. CFNP will continually open our network to the leadership of organizations who are working to address issues that affect the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.  CFNP seeks to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow have the resources, tools, and advice to successfully implement and carry out their initiatives. CFNP also aspires to work with organizations on joint initiatives and programs that advance the goal of raising awareness about the issues, solutions, and steps necessary to forge a new partnership between Indigenous peoples and other Canadians.